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Act Privately
On HealthNomads you search, communicate, and act privately. With security layer, you are in control of your personal data
Go Efficient
Multiple tools help you interact, plan and find information upon your daily needs and on the go
Get Social
Be part of a community. Give actual reviews to help other Nomads find the best services worldwide. Be empowered to fuel motivation of service providers to enhance service quality
You will be prompted to to create an account and login. After creating account, you will be directed to HealthNomads for a further profile setup.
Explore Our Main Features
All-in-one platform for health related services
HealthNomads provides yellow pages for medical services and health relat- ed treatments. You can search by Name, Practice and Location.
Personal Profiles
Circle and green label represent personal profile. These are statements out- lining personal characteristics, attributes, qualities and the experience of a service provider.
Organisation Profiles
Square and blue label represent organisations profile. Organisations can include multiple personal profiles under personnel list.
Communicate directly with service providers. With push notifications you will never miss important messages even if logged out from the platform. Enrich your service and preliminary assessment with safe file sharing and online indications.
With push notifications never miss potential service users. Stay connected on the go. With cross-platform capability it`s always with you.

Privacy with Geens
Take advantage of HealthNomads. It uses the innovative and highly secure Geens privacy system. Conversations, appointments and all other private and medical data will remain hidden and protected even in the most extreme situations.
Never miss an appointment. Get instant time listings, check for location and dates and added comments before your arrival.

Upcoming Appointments
Follow track and status of appointments. Accept, deny, edit or cancel new or approved ones without contacting service providers.

Past Appointments
Save your time, keep the old track. Have activity history in one convenient place-list and check when needed.
Be Social! Help other Nomads to find the best quality services worldwide. Leave your real opinion under service providers profile. Communicate anonymously or allow service provider to contact you by showing your name. In public reviews, your identity always stays private.

Verified Reviews
Service provider has ability to publish objective or hide un- quotable, inadequate reviews. Verified reviews show all its content written by a verified patient.

Unverified Reviews
By empowering both service user and service provider, Health- Nomads enables avoiding of bad wording or inadequate opin- ion. Keep in mind that overall rating is made of shown and un- shown reviews and is displayed in public profile.
Our platform is triggered by privacy first. Search, communicate, share files with easy breath. Your personal data is protected and secure! Encrypt- ed log-in, messaging and search functions are seamlessly embedded in HealhNomads core for uninterrupted user experience.
HealthNomads uses the innovative and highly secure Geens privacy system. Conversations, appointments and all other private and medical data will remain hidden and protected even in the most extreme situations.
Nomads! Start Browsing The Globe...
You will be prompted to to create a account and login, after creating account you will be prompted to Healthnomads for further profile setup.
How It Works
Service Providers
Create Profile
Create a public profile that represents your professionality and make your services discoverable and accessible worldwide
Service Users
Search For Services
Search for service providers by name, locations or services. Find best offers that suites your needs
Respond to audience in real time. Track your clients history and keep up to date with file sharing functionality
Real Time Conversations
Message directly with service provider in fast private and secure manner. Share files and plan your visit
Fill In Calendar
Plan your traffic, manage and fill in agenda for you services. Direct notifications and comments will keep your audience up to date
Plan Appointments
With appointment management newer miss you visits. All in one place to see time, location and comments
Build Reputation
Build your reputation with public reviews and comments. By empowering both service provider and service user
Give Opinion
Give your feedback to help other nomads. Real opinion is the key to quality services