Our Mission
We want to empower our nomads with the right tools to find the best health services - just around your corner or anywhere at the globe. Meanwhile we empower the health providers with tools that assure private and direct communication with our nomads.
HealthNomads is all about privacy. Every move is encrypted and data are kept on the NPO platform of geens.com. That gives our nomads the guarantee that - neither our technicians - nobody can monitor your searches, evaluations or data.
Our nomads find services by searching for and closely communicate. All data are only accessible by the nomad-owner. The whole process at HealtNomads permanently builds on the transparancy, the trust and quality for the existing and future HealtNomad users.
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An opportunity to make accurate provider data widely available.
Jaak Geens, Ceo & Co-founder of HealthNomads, tells his own story about the path to this idea. He has over a decade of experience on creating new delightful consumer products and experiences. Jaak took multiple leadership roles in IBM, politics and world’s top pharmaceutical companies, founded several new concepts and businesses and still thinking far ahead. For something new, innovative, different and breath-taking for the added value.

Therefore, few years ago, inspired by other experiences and rapid Lithuania’s growth in digital economy with related fields, he moved to its capital Vilnius. In cooperation, with vice-dean at Vilnius University dr. Linas Bukauskas, Jaak established the NPO Geens.com (Brussels/Leu- ven). It makes an appeal as international knowledge center for developing & sharing all know-how related to digital privacy and security. Why so? The answer comes from the simple roots. Jaak was always facing a challenge in keeping his anonymity. The higher positions, wider surroundings and digital usage, the more you feel it as a headache and a wish of better protection of your personal life, especially sensitive medical data. Because it’s something of your genes - your own storybook.

So far, whatever you search through the search tools, is no more private. So how to securely find the right healthcare service that for instance, Google or your neighbour using your Google didn’t know what treatment solution you were looking for? How to always keep your medical records with you and be sure they are accessible only for you?

Inspired by these issues, Jaak gathered a team to create the HealthNomads platform for finding health services. It does not collect his data even itself. It uses the technology of NPO geens.com to manage and keep all your medical and other files secured. The HealthNomads has no access to data that belongs to you as a member of the NPO.

So Jaak now is making his reservations only with few clicks on the platform. He is able to comment, evaluate, find a solution with similar needs based community and make the right choices in advance. He is impressed by the specialists, especially odontologists, in Vilnius and could recommend their quality based services by all means.
Linas Makauskas
Project Manager & Creative Director
Inga Ivanovaitė
Business Development &
Legal Affairs Manager
Darius Lopeta
Lead Developer & Architect